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About Us

arya samaj marriage

The Arya Samaj was founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswati Arya Samaj weddings are conducted as per the Arya Marriage Validation act X1X of 1937, and are performed as per Vedic rites. Arya Samaj Marriage which was started by 'Dayanand Saraswati' in the year 1875 is governed by people known as 'Arya'. The marriage is based on the concept of Vedas, which is considered as the poetry of eternity in meta language. Arya Samaj supports love marriages, inter cast marriage, and inter-religion marriages. We work with a holy aim to remove the rigid caste and religion barriers from our Indian society.

In 2005 Harveer Shastri has established Arya Samaj Mandir in New Delhi  harit vihar , to perform Arya Samaj rituals and promote arya samaj.

At the arya samaj mandir lot of people come on daily basis for marriage in arya samaj mandir. and learn about arya samaj.

What We Offer

The Arya Samaj marriage is different from the traditional Hindu wedding in the sense that it does not involves elaborate rituals and the ceremony is not extended over a long period of time. Simplicity is the main essence of Arya Samaj wedding. The wedding ceremony lasts for an hour or so and the wedding expense is very low compared to the normal traditional Hindu wedding.
On the basis of arya samaj marriage certificate which is provided by arya samaj temple, we help you to register your marriage in the court of the marriage registrar.
Is the term for a sacred purifying ritual in Hinduism that involves a fire ceremony. It is a ritual of sacrifice made to the fire god Agni. After lighting a Havan Kund (sacrificial fire), objects such as fruits, honey, or wooden goods are put into the sacred fire. If there are any spirits that are evil around you or even inside you they get burned off in the sacred fire. It is believed that this sacrifice will bring health, happiness, luck and prosperity.

Arya Samaj Mandir Facility:

In arya samaj mandir Delhi, there is beautiful decorated Mandap for your marriage with a havankund. On demand our sevak’s decorate the marriage place on your suggestion.

We have big marriage hall with the capacity of up to 200 people at arya samaj Mandir Delhi. If you want to invite your friends or facility member on the occasion of your marriage there is enough space.

If you want lunch and dinner facility after marriage, we have also facility of halwai at arya samaj Mandir Delhi, just you need to discuss about the menu for lunch/dinner with halwai and he will arrange according to your requirements.
To cover your moments of marriage , we have facility of phototgrapher to chach every moment of your marriage on very low cost we provide your photographs in both format printed & cd format..
Beuty parlor facility is available for the bridal makeup at very low cost near to arya samaj mandir by beautition.
If you want the videography facility for the the marriage occassion at arya samaj mandir, we have professional videographer near to arya samaj mandir delhi, you need to book in advance for more information call us: 08585988301, 9891065166